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Digital Transformation

Unleashing innovation, bridging technologies

NetEngage Digital Connect

The drive for Digital Transformation within your own organisation and with business partners has never been more vital. NetEngage Digital Connect provides the platform and tools you need to expose and utilise microservices for internal and B2B projects.

Multi-Gen Network Interworking

Supporting multi-generation solutions across 2G / 3G / 4G / LTE / 5G comes with many challenges.  Digital Connect bridges the gap between technologies to provide simplified access to complex network protocols while hiding the complexity of the networks and systems.

Business to Business Solutions


NetEngage Digital Connect is an extensive service bus that enables internal business processes and external businesses to access your data and services via simplified consumable web micro-services that unlock the value of core systems and network data, such as:​

  • Location

  • Presence

  • Identity

  • Communications

  • Usage or Service Events

Digital Connect provides a platform for prototyping, evaluating and industrialising new services to turn ideas into reality, at low cost. Consumer consent is critical when exposing sensitive information. Digital Connect enables full control over security and partner permissions for all internal and external B2B partnerships including new IIoT applications. 

Create New Services Quickly and Cost-effectively

Creativity can often be hindered by the inability to be agile. Business justification for new ideas can get in the way, resulting in many new ideas never getting off the ground. Digital Connect provides a platform for prototyping, evaluating, and industrialising new services to turn ideas into reality.

Transform Communications With Your Customers

NetEngage Digital Connect can revolutionise and simplify the way you communicate with your customers. Use its APIs to enhance communications, for example:

  • Use existing notifications as event triggers.

  • Intercept, copy, forward, convert and block outbound communications with customers.

  • Turn notifications into two-way interactions, copying or forwarding messages using alternative media including e-mail, USSD, IVR and MMS.

Key Features:

  • Simplify access to core complex network systems and protocols.

  • Monetise existing data and platforms.

  • Compose new APIs and services by aggregating data across multiple systems.

  • Pluggable architecture for standards-based and proprietary interface support.

  • Library of Network Connectors including MAP/SS7, Diameter, MLP, MM7, SMPP, SMTP.

  • High performance service orchestration engine.

  • On-board service creation environment.

  • Virtualised for cost-effective telco grade performance, scalability and resilience.

  • Comprehensive OA&M capabilities for platform monitoring, administration and reporting.

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