Multimedia Services Platform

Digital audio and video communication innovation

NetEngage Multimedia Service Platform

NetEngage Multimedia Services Platform provides a powerful Interactive Voice Response solution for customer self-care, value-added services and call centre call containment applications.

The NetEngage Multimedia Services Platform supports IMS, LTE and 5G and has been deployed around the world to deliver interactive self-care services and to support B2B outbound dialling solutions.

Our Multimedia Services Platform is an effective tool that supports a wealth of control protocols and voice / video media options that will integrate effortlessly into your network while supporting your future needs.

Our MSP can host bespoke applications alongside our own Call Completion and Online Charging self-care services to provide a comprehensive yet cost effective solution for all of your IVR requirements.

Advanced Media Functions

LTE standard IR.92 (voice) and IR.94 (video) profiles are supported to provide the latest media functions, along with a powerful Java application server that hosts a service execution environment and multimedia storage.

Platform consolidation, efficient server utilisation and on-demand scalability of services can be achieved with our software-only solution, which can be deployed in a virtualised private cloud environment. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) allows the solution to be agile and cost-efficient in terms of deployment, resilience and scalability.


NetEngage Multimedia Services Platform allows you to deploy custom services and network media resources on the same platform as the NetEngage Call Completion and Messaging services.

Empower Your Communications Network

Applications can either be complete standalone applications using a Multimedia Application Server or MRF-based real-time audio and video services under the control of an external application server.

Multimedia Application Server
  • Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVVR)

  • Charging Point

  • Conference Server

  • Core Network Services

  • Outbound Calling

  • Televoting

Media Resource Function
  • Voice and Video announcements

  • Voice and Video "Prompt and Collect"

  • Voice and Video Recorder

  • Conference Bridge Resource

  • Micro-Services

Multimedia Application Server

When deployed to provide a service execution environment in an IMS network, the Multimedia Services Platform performs the role of a combined SIP-Application Server (SIP-AS) and MRF.

The service execution environment on a Multimedia Application Server is J2SE Java runtime. Standard Java libraries are available for database access and Web services plus a NetEngage library for Diameter transactions to support functions, such as, billing and Home Subscriber Server (HSS) queries and updates.

Media Resource Function

The MRF is designed to operate in your IMS-based service architecture, running under the control of a SIP Application Server (SIP-AS), Multimedia Telephony Application Server (MTAS) or Service Delivery Platform (SDP).

When deployed in an IMS environment, the Multimedia Platform performs the role of a combined Media Resource Function Processor (MRFP) and Media Resource Function Controller (MRFC).

Basic announcement services and functions are supported through NETANN (RFC4240) whereby the announcement Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) and parameters are sent within a SIP INVITE. Passing results back to an application server can be achieved in a number of ways. VoiceXML and MSML scripts can use HTTP requests, or parameters can be returned via SIP messages such as INFO or BYE.

VoiceXML service blocks can be created and deployed locally on the MRF’s Application Server to enable either static or dynamic service logic. In the case of dynamic service elements, a Java application server can support a broad range of interface methods to connect with external services, including Web services, REST APIs, Diameter and database queries.

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