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Online Charging Solution

Real-time convergent charging and policy control for multi-generation networks


NetEngage OCS

Whether you are an MVNO starting an exciting new business, an MNO looking to grow beyond the limitations of your existing systems, or an MVNE that needs a scalable solution to support a growing customer base, NetEngage have the products and experience to help you deliver a superior service to your customers.

The NetEngage OCS provides an integrated suite of capabilities including:

  • Convergent Charging for Prepaid and Post-paid accounts

  • Built-in Policy Control

  • Flexible Account Balance Management

  • Voucher Management and pin-less eRecharge solutions

  • Customer Management

  • Multi-Channel Self-care

  • Standardised APIs for ease of integration

  • Core network integration via Diameter and CAMEL

Convergent Charging for Prepaid and Post-paid Accounts

Real-time rating, charging and policy control for a variety of account types.  All subscribers benefit from the same products and services, tailored to their preferred method of payment.  Comprehensive rating capabilities for Data, Voice, Messaging and Content charging.

Powerful Data Monetisation Features


The popularity of video and music on-demand services, over-the-top voice messaging apps and social networking are driving the desire for 5G and higher bandwidth.

​NetEngage Online Charging goes beyond flat data tariffs to provide the means to offer differential tariffs that help to optimise your core network capacity, release untapped revenues, and give the customer cost-effective access to the services that they love.

Built-in Policy Control

Our built-in Policy Control Rules Function (PCRF) enables easy configuration and alignment of rating and quality of service control to deliver high-speed and slow-speed plans, application specific quality of service, turbo bundles for a temporary speed boost and fair usage policy enforcement.

Flexible Account Balance Management

Creating attractive customer offers often needs separate balances to track and control the rewards and bundles. 


NetEngage Online Charging and Policy Control capabilities allows a virtually unlimited number of configurable account balances providing the flexibility to create Subscription Allowances, Bolt-on Packages, Hour/Day/Night/Week/Month Passes, Social Bundles, Turbo Bundles and more.

Bundles can be given as a welcome pack, a subscription, as a campaign incentive or purchased via self-care channels.  With easy configuration of new balances without the need for customisation, you can exploit opportunities and respond to competitors in real-time.

Top-up Anytime, Anywhere

​NetEngage OCS includes complete voucher management capabilities, including printed vouchers that can be made available at retail outlets, ATM machines and EPOS terminals to maximise availability.

Our powerful eRecharge facility broadens the availability of credit to your customer base via a voucher-less recharge service. Build B2B partnerships allowing small businesses to extend your reach and promote your brand while minimising logistical distribution costs.

Taking Care Of Your Customers

Empower your customers to manage their own accounts across all channels, improving the customer experience and reducing the demands on your call centre.  The NetEngage VAS product range provides ready-to-run self-care services to ensure a quick launch.

Assist your customers using our embedded Customer Manager portal which provides valuable insights into your customers' purchasing and spending patterns.

Virtualised for Cost-Effective Performance & Scalability

NetEngage OCS is available as a fully-virtualised solution ready for installation into private cloud environments or dedicated on-premise solutions.

NetEngage OCS allows you to have a very cost-effective entry level payment platform, where subsystem modules share hardware while providing an easy scalability path, allowing modules to be resized and relocated as needed.

Why NetEngage Online Charging?

  • Over 25 years of experience providing new and replacement real-time solutions across the globe.

  • Common virtualised platform, to deliver Rating, Charging, Policy, Customer Management, Voucher Management, Self-care, SMSC and Call-completion for optimal time to market and operational expense.

  • Open APIs for ease of integration with other systems in your environment.

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