High-performance Subscriber Messaging and B2B Services

NetEngage SMSC

The NetEngage SMSC provides an all-in-one text messaging solution, providing full SMSC capabilities for person-to-person communications, B2B services for Application-to-Person messaging along with menu-driven self-care capabilities.

High throughput and a virtualised, software-only deployment means NetEngage SMSC provides a cost-effective replacement for your existing Short Message Service Center (SMSC).

If you want to keep your existing SMSCs, but can’t provide the features for your digital vision, the NetEngage SMSC can be deployed alongside legacy SMSCs as an ‘SMS Router’ to support new services, while utilising your legacy SMSCs for traditional store-and-forward functionality.

Supporting both MAP/SS7 and SIP-based messaging interfaces, the NetEngage SMSC can bridge 2G/3G and 4G/LTE/5G service domains.

Easy-to-use, RESTful APIs allow rapid creation of innovative applications as forward-thinking companies move to meet the demands of the market. NetEngage can provide integration connectors for message delivery to cloud storage or social networks that allow real service choice for your customers.

Protect Your Customers

The NetEngage SMSC protects your investment and reputation through a comprehensive set of anti-fraud measures that can be combined with an intelligent content analysis spam filter. These features help maintain customer satisfaction by removing the frustration of unwanted messages and potentially damaging viruses or phishing attempts.

SMSC Features

  • Application connectivity via SMPP or RESTful APIs including bulk delivery options.

  • Charging integration. Diameter for real-time charging and/or Call Detail Records (CDR) for post-paid billing.

  • Advanced subscriber services. Delivery confirmations, SMS to email, forward/copy to alternate number, out-of-office auto-reply, distribution lists, and timed delivery.

  • Traffic prioritization. Management of MO, ESME, notification and broadcast messages.

  • Fraud Prevention Measures. Comprehensive barring through whitelists/blacklists applied to source and destination numbers. Consistency checks on message details combined with HLR checks to prevent spoofing.

  • SPAM filtering. Message filtering by defined text values and Bayesian statistical analysis.

  • Traffic monitoring. Gauges that display real-time success/failure delivery rates for the various message destination types.

Deployment Options

The NetEngage SMSC supports a number of proven functions that can be deployed together or separately as required:

  • The First Delivery Attempt function makes a single attempt to route messages to the final destination or another SMSC.

  • The Store and Forward Engine provides storage for undelivered messages with associated re-try logic to manage successful delivery.

  • The Home Router function enables the SMSC to capture inbound Mobile Terminated (MT) messages from other networks to facilitate terminating subscriber services, such as forward to email and spam filtering.

  • The SMPP Gateway provides a single interface point for External Short Messaging Entity (ESME) service providers to multiple SMSCs.

  • The IP-SM-GW provides a SIP messaging interface and Home Subscriber Server (HSS) connectivity to support IP-based LTE terminals and a gateway function between SIP and MAP/SS7 based networks.​

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