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NetEngage Call Completion

Call Completion remains a vital service for any mobile network operator. Operators need a versatile yet cost-effective platform to host their messaging services.NetEngage Call Completion is a suite of complementary products designed to support a variety of needs, but all with the same goal; ensuring customers don’t miss an important call, while stimulating return call revenues for the operator.

NetEngage Call Completion services are used by some of the largest mobile operators across the globe.  The benefits of our solution include:

01_Massive scalability – from entry level systems to vast Tier-1 operators.

High-performance virtualised solution suitable for private cloud / NFV deployment.

Geographic Resilience for maximum service availability.

Common platform for other NetEngage products to optimise capex and operational expenditure.

Multi-tenancy Support.

Comprehensive APIs for digital service integration.

Visual Voicemail

In the age of Digital Transformation, customers expect an ‘app’ based user experience for all communication services. Visual Voicemail captures voice messages and delivers them to smartphone handset clients, as an interactive media service.  Users can navigate, play, pause, rewind, and save voicemail messages.​​


Voicemail offers a universal voice message recording, notification, and retrieval service. Supported on all handset types, the voicemail service provides personalisation of the user’s voicemail mailbox with a personal greeting to encourage callers to leave a message.  The service can be tailored to offer different levels of service to different market segments, such as personal and corporate users.


​Missed Call Alert is the simplest and most cost-effective form of call completion, requiring minimal infrastructure and administration. MCA is economically licensed on call volumes rather than subscriber numbers. This allows maximum coverage for subscribers that don’t need the sophistication of a voicemail mailbox.


Notify Me is a text notification service that alerts the caller when a previously unavailable called party becomes available.  This service can be combined with any of the other call completion services to further stimulate calls.


Call Alert Plus extends the Missed Call Alert Service with an option given to the caller to leave a voice message. This provides an enhanced service that benefits from only using a voice message mailbox when required.

Virtualised for Cost-Effective Performance & Scalability

NetEngage OCS is available as a fully-virtualised solution ready for installation into private cloud environments or dedicated on-premise solutions. NetEngage OCS allows you to have a very cost-effective entry level payment platform, where subsystem modules share hardware while providing an easy scalability path, allowing modules to be resized and relocated as needed.


NetEngage Call Completion has a powerful set of APIs so you can build call completion into your digital strategy, whether that be retrieval via apps or online, or personal messaging with direct deposit to customers’ mailboxes. The possibilities are endless.

NetEngage Call Completion Deployment

The NetEngage Call Completion suite is delivered on the NetEngage Multimedia Services Platform as a software-only solution. Services can be rapidly deployed and scaled to meet demand on either private or public cloud environments.

Resources can be shared between call completion and self-care applications to minimise the cost of infrastructure and integration.Supporting features, such as multi-tenancy services, can be partitioned into different domains that allow you to support different configurations and branding for MVNOs and to delegate management responsibilities as required.

Through exposure of application APIs, you can also create new innovative services in-house, through external developer communities or through partnerships with Over-The-Top providers.